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Danielle Joworski is a Leadership Navigator, award-winning & bestselling Author and business woman. She is dedicated to helping women & girls to be confident leaders at any table they sit at; kitchen, classroom, coffee shop, or corporate boardroom. Through her experiential talks and learning resources, she creates bridges for women & girls to themselves, solutions, ideas & each other, navigating the path for all generations to achieve positive change with their extraordinary visions. Together.

An avid believer in the power of storytelling to connect with one another, she incorporates the values of:

  • * Innovative thinking
  • * Learning and
  • * Giving back

when creating opportunities for women & girls to share their successes and learn from each other ... becoming prodigies of each other's wisdom. Envisioning a world where multi-dimensional communication strategies create the landscape for confident leaders to be extraordinary visionaries, Danielle strives to provide platforms for stories to be shared, celebrated, and learned from.

Residing just outside of Toronto, ON with dreams of a brownstone in NYC and a villa in Italy, Danielle is a wife, mother of 2 children and 1 dog, and continuously on the hunt for her next pair of fabulous shoes.

Danielle Joworski


B.Sc. - Minor in Microbiology

B.Ed. - Adult Education (specialization: generational and workplace learning)

Post-Graduate Certificate - Educational Leadership (specialization: leadership styles, communication dynamics in mentoring relationships)

Certified Life & Executive Coach


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Danielle Joworski

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