At 40, Danielle made a life-altering decision to change the path that she had spent most of her life traveling on, because it was what she was 'supposed to do' ... right?

Without a plan, she put the needs of herself and her family first. What happened was an experiential journey embarked upon within herself. Discovering herself, teenage dreams, and what truly makes her feel alive was just the beginning. Realizing what is possible when you believe in the leader that you are, still does not tell the whole story.

Beginning to experience life feeling empowered to live it as she chose, told throughout 8 chapters brings readers closer to the hidden gem within The ATHENA Prodigies. As you are guided on your own journey of self-discovery and reflection, in a truly one-of-a-kind format, you become the guide for the self-discovery journey of the young girl The ATHENA Prodigies is designed for you to read with.  Listen, learn, and mentor your own young leader, as she discovers how to empower herself as a leader in her own life, as she learns how from the best role model she has ... you.

Reflect. Learn. Empower YOU. Teach. Mentor. Empower HER. 

Becoming leaders ... Heroines ... of your own life stories. Together. Becoming prodigies of each other's wisdom.  

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 “So many people fail to go after their dreams.  Reading the stories in this book will inspire you to know it's possible to live the life of one's dreams. The section designed to assist younger woman and teens is an excellent resource for starting dialogue and life designing at an early age."

Sheena L. Smith, Dream Builder Coach-Licensed Brain Gym Instructor, Best Selling, Award Winning Author of "Life Simply Put"

 “Beautifully written and filled with inspirational stories.  This book helps the reader find their light from within while empowering them to show our younger generation of woman that anything is possible.”

Peggy McColl, New York Times Best Selling Author

"​I have went through the first two chapters with my daughters age 10 and 14.  I am totally blown away with what we have covered so far. You book made it easy to talk to my daughters and get their thoughts and opinions on their dreams and the level of self belief in themselves.

This is a awesome platform to start the dialogue with young girls, it has brought us closer together.  I look forward to going through the rest of of the book with them and letting this be a monthly girl time with them either at home or even incorporating this with a mommy daughter outing."

Reader Review, Mother of 2 Girls

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The ATHENA Prodigies

“This is a beautiful book for anyone who wants to be of support to young women finding their way in the world. The ATHENA Prodigies guides both women who want to mentor with guidance and inspiration, and girls who are seeking support and mentorship from a loving elder with easy to relate to stories and questions. Thank you, Danielle, for sharing your wisdom that will benefit all women, teens and adults.”

HeatherAsh Amara, #1 Bestseller of Warrior Goddess Training: Become the Woman You Are Meant to Be (from reviews)

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